Who am I ?


Small enterprise since 2009

Hello !

My name is Christian Blanchard, self employed engineer specializing in Midi electronic boards.

I learned MIDI in the late 1980s on Atari. As a singer, I used the “midi sequences” as soundtracks for my animations and shows. In 1995, I built a small 29 keys barrel organ, bought as a kit. Being in the Midi world, I immediately thought of using this environment for my shows, and first of all to make my own punched carboard, from Midi files and cornflakes boxes. There wasn’t much available on the market for that at the time.

It was after meeting John Smith (see his site here) that things picked up for me. I wanted to have an automatic orchestra for my animations. From 2006, I posted my works, organ, accordion, piano, on a blog: the automatic organ. And then I started making my own Midi decoder boards, so I could do whatever I really wanted. People from all over the world started to contact me, and that’s how Orgautomatech was born, a small artisanal company in Niort.

I haven’t been doing any shows at all for several years now, devoting all my professional time to my dear customers, musicians or not. All my boards are designed, programmed and assembled by myself, here, in my workshop in Niort.

I would be pleased to help if you contact me:

  • by email: chris@orgautomatech.fr
  • by phone: +33 (0) 6 40881195 . From 9.00 AM to 17.00 PM. Please, take time zones into account when calling …