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16-way connector - Orgautomatech

16-way connector


HE10F16 connector, female 2*8 cts for ribbon cable to use with Orgautomatech Midi encoder boards, K2M32, 48 and 64.


16 contact connector, 2.54 pitch, to use with flat ribbon.
Use it to wire the midi board K2M 32 & 64 inputs
You need 4 of them for K2M 32, 6 for K2M48 and 8 for K2M64
Don’t forget to order the  needed lenght of ribbon cable.
Use a small wise to mount the connector on the ribbon (gently please). Then, you can solder -or attach using terminal blocks- the other ends of each of the 16 wires to your keyboard contacts.

16-contact connector, flat ribbon

16-contact connector, 2.56 pitch to use with flat ribbon.

Additional information

Weight 3 g