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About shipping - Orgautomatech

About shipping

Shipping price

It is calculated based on the order weight and the destination. For less than 20 grams, an SD card or a ULN for example, the minimum postage in followed letter will be, for France, € 1.30, and for the rest of the world € 3.70.

Most boards weigh less than 250 g, so for a decoder board, for example Midi2Org 32, the shipping costs will be:

  • Followed letter to France: 3.89 € (D +2 to D + 5)
  • Colissimo to France: 4.95 € (D + 2 usually)
  • Small international package to the Euro zone (EU): 7.92 (D + 2 up to D + 5)
  • International followed letter  to Europe and the rest of the world: 9.20 €. (D + 3 up to D + 15). I recommend this option for everybody outside of Euro zone, included our friends from Switzerland and UK soon, because it is a letter, it will not go through customs, you will not pay tax on arrival. It may be a bit slow, but, so far, the packs always arrived safe and sound.
  • Small international package to World outside the EU: 8.76 € (D + 6 up to D + 12). Please note, you are likely to pay a tax on arrival.

If you want a delivery method that is not offered, faster or cheaper, express or relay colis, do not hesitate to ask me before ordering:

e-mail: chris@orgautomatech.com
phone: +33 (0) 6 40 88 11 95

Thank you for your visit and confidence!