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Midi 32 Assistant - Orgautomatech

Midi 32 Assistant


Extension module to plug on the Orgautomatech midi decoder board Midi2org_32


The module board “Midi Assistant 32” is designed to be plugged to an Orgautomatech Midi2Org_32 board, version 3.5 and later.

This module allows you to drive  the Midi decoder 32-output board,   especially to check  all coils connected to the outputs,  to facilitate the tuning of pipes, test pneumatic valves, etc …

You can install it permanently on your organ at your fingertips, it will be useful very often.

  • Check outputs one by one (without going through the Midi)
  • Keep your hands free to tune your pipes  quietly.
  • Check the speed of your pneumatic relay valves with the “repeat mode”.
  • Quick check of all notes at any time with the “sequence” mode.

Instructions manual:Midi assistant 32

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 15 mm

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