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Midilector is a Midi file player intended to drive one or more midi decoder boards as well as any midi electronic instrument (piano, synthesizer, etc.). It can play any standard midi files (format 0) on SD card. It is ideal (associated to Midi2Org 32) for midifying a busker or barrel organ.

Keyboard is incorporated to the main board.

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  • Provided ready to install onto any mechanical midi instrument
  • Files may be organised into folders.
  • Support any standard SD card up to 2 GO
  • Multi tracks 16 channel Board
  • Size: 116*52 mm
  • 24*2 Lcd screen with backlight (optional button to switch off the light)
  • Tempo variations (+ or – )while playing with 2 buttons
  • Possibility of synchronisation: crank rotation can drive song start, tempo and stop. Have a look at that video:
  • Lyrics on screen while playing
  • Designed to be fitted to any instrument panel in different possible ways.
  • Powered by any DC source from 7 volt up to 18 volts
  • Provided with a switch and wire to fit onto your instrument front panel
  • More features and user manual at the bottom of this page
  • Can advantageously replace the “antic” Yamaha MDF3
  • Arrives with a formated SD card 128 Mo

Have also a look  at the Midilector Micro, same features but works with micro SD card.

You can download the user manual here: Midilector_EN

Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 117 × 49 × 25 mm

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