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Key2Midi 32 - Orgautomatech

Key2Midi 32


32-input Midi encoder board, allowing simple electrical input states to be converted in real time to MIDI standard note messages.

Useful for:

  • Playing midi sound module with old organ or harmonium  keyboard
  • Playing midi sound/arranger with accordion
  • Scanning music cardboard or paper roll and producing midi file.
  • Real-time control of MIDI devices with button or contact of your choice
  • and much more…

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    • Supplied as a single board, measuring 40 x 130 mm
    • 32 logic-level inputs to choose among 128. No need to “matrix” the keyboard with diodes, the multiplexing is done by the board internally. Only 4×16 wire ribbons needed.
    • Analog input for sendind Midi expression from pedal or simple potentiometer
    • You can choose between logic input at +5 or 0 volt to send a midi note On. Useful if you want to use Hall effect sensor input, or some other sensor.
    • Easy note mapping with PARAMETOR free software
    • Boards can be chained to give more notes.
    • MIDI output channel can be selected by on-board buttons and leds, or by Midi
    • Standard 16-way IDC input connectors for use with ribbon cables
    • Arrives with 2x Midi socket and wires to to fit the midi connection externally on a case.
    • Board function monitoring by leds
    • Integrated ‘de-bounce’ latency fully configurable from 0 to 127 milliseconds. Useful, when scanning music card board or paper roll,  to avoid small bridges.
    • Powered by any DC supply from 7 to 24 volts.

More features in the user manual, download it here: K2M64_48_32-EN

Schematic to wire the board inputs with either direct contact or Hall effect: K2M LH schema

Schematic to wire the board inputs with optical switch: OpticalSwitchShemaK2M

You will need connectors and ribbon cable, please, have a look here: accessories

Please, download Parametor Encoder for free here: Parametor_Encoder

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 130 × 40 × 10 mm