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Midi2org 64 - Orgautomatech

Midi2org 64


Used to automate any musical instrument such as an organ or accordion and even piano.

Since this board meets the Midi standard, your acoustic instrument will behave exactly like a Midi synthesizer or sound module. You can play it live using a standard keyboard, or automatically with a Midi file player (Midilector) or your computer.

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  • 64 outputs, 35 volt , 500 mA max
  •  size: Only 100 * 130 mm: can fit in any instrument, even the smallest..
  • all ouputs are clearly marked on the board
  • Midi channel can be changed directly on the board by push button and LED, no need for any computer.Useful “on stage” to play together with friends.
  • Responds to note-on, note-off, all note off (CC123)
  • Considers note-on with velocity 0 as note-off
  • Supports MIDI running status
  • Easy mapping of outputs by «self-learning» with Midilector or with the freeware “Parametor”.
  • ULN2803 chips are not soldered on the board. In case of an accident (for example a short circuit in a solenoid) they are very easily replaced.
  • For security, limitation of the notes number playing together. This feature can be set by the user himself with Parametor
  • Protection against bad polarity
  • Compatible with every midifiles player in respect to MIDI standard
  • The MIDI OUT socket acts as a MIDI THRU. That means that every message that arrived via MIDI IN goes out via MIDI OUT except active sensing messages.
  • On demand, one or more outputs can be programmed to respond to sustain or another control change of your choice
  • All other special programmations on demand

Designed, assembled and programmed at Niort, France.
You’ll need Parametor to set up your Midi2Org board, download it for free here: Parametor-1201 Please, read the manual included in the ZIP, before to use it.
For more information, please, download the user manual:Midi2Org_64_32_EN

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 130 × 100 × 25 mm

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